Worry-free retirement and relaxing lifestyle starts with financial independents. Use your real estate assets wisely.

Prices of houses in Toronto area skyrocketed for a long period of time. But now it seems like this rally coming to the finish line, with uncertainty ahead. If you will sell your house now you will get a significant amount of money, thanks to the Toronto's hot market. With this money you can dramatically change your way of living with increasing investment value at the same time. Use this unique moment wisely!



Move to small town close to Toronto, where property is relatively cheap. You still will have a nice decent place to live for the half or even much less of the price of your house. And this is no so far from Toronto!


Buy a few properties such condos or townhouses for renting them out, to have a constant cash flow. This source of income will allow you to live with peace of mind and not to worry how pay your bills.


There are plenty outstanding nice safe places with amazing yearround weather in Southern Europe, Asia and South America, where you can buy a decent property for the fraction of what your house in Toronto values.


There are two ways to move to some paradise places with nice weather and sandy beaches. The simplest and more enjoyable way is to buy or rent property there, and use your savings to cover living expenses. Another way is to buy a property there that can generate a profit, enough to live on it. This is a more practical way.

Me and my team can assist you with managing your finances for smart investment into local and overseas property, including buying a small resorts, mini-hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. I cooperate with hospitality specialists and local real estate brokers in order to provide my clients with best service and preparing a hassle-free turn-key project for them.

Start with Selling Your House

I will help you to sell your house in most cost effective way to gain maximum profit. Besides a traditional agent services for sellers I also provide a consulting service for those who wants to sell by themselves. It costs to my clients much less than a full agent service but covers the main critical moments. My team also can help with preparation a house for sale including renovation.


I provide a full range service for sellers. This includes preparation of property for sale, staging, producing promotional materials and website with video and photo gallery, advertising campaign, running open houses, etc. I offer competitive 1% commissions for my services.


If you want to sell your house by yourself and you sure that you can do it, I can help with my consulting service. It includes market price evaluation, suggestions how to improve your property and increase value of your house, promotional materials. I offer a few options starting with $1,000 CAD.


Renovation or even rebuilding the house in many cases is a necessity. I can help with an inspection of the property and work assessment. I also can take care of organizing the renovation or rebuilding, providing specialists that would do a quality job for an affordable price.

Helen Riabinin, Broker

As a real estate specialist I offer my clients unique services, such as transactions with property abroad and assistance for foreigners to buy and rent out property in Canada. I also specializing in transactions with property that generate income, including mini-hotels , B&B, resorts and hobby-farms. Another area of my expertise is renovation and rebuilding. Working in cooperation with lawyers, architects and contractors, I can help my clients with obtaining all necessary permits, preparing a project and building/rebuilding a house.