Worry-free retirement and relaxing lifestyle starts with financial independence. Use your real estate assets wisely

Well, if you own a house in Toronto or GTA, then you've enjoyed watching the skyrocketing home prices for the last several years. Your wealth has grown unexpectedly. Unfortunately, it looks like this rally is coming to an end, with the uncertainty waiting for us ahead. So if you ask me when it is time to sell, I would reply: say "Thank you" to the Toronto's hot market and sell now! Use this chance for securing your future by re-structuring your assets and making smart investments.



Move to a small town outside of the GTA, where property is relatively cheap. You will still have a nice decent place to live for the half or even much less of the price of your current house. And this will be not far from Toronto!


Invest in properties such as condos or townhouses for renting them out, and have a steady cash flow. With this investment you will have a source of income that will help you pay your bills, and you will have a peace of mind for your future.


There are plenty of nice and safe places with amazing year round weather in Southern Europe, Asia and South America, where you can buy a decent property for the fraction of what your house worth in Toronto.


If you want to move to a paradise place with nice weather and sandy beaches, there are two ways how you can do this. The simplest and enjoyable way is just buying or renting a property there, and using your savings to cover your living expenses. Another way is buying a property that would generate you a profit and where you can live by yourself as well. This is the more practical way and a smart investment.

Me and my team can assist you with making this a reality. We will start from analyzing your assets, then we help you develop a re-structuring strategy, and formulate a plan of smart investment into local and overseas property. Such properties can include small resorts, mini-hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. I work in cooperation with hospitality specialists and local real estate brokers in different regions. Therefore, we can provide best services to our clients and prepare a hassle-free turn-key project for each property.

Start with Selling Your House

The first step in implementation the "smart investment" strategy is selling your house. I can provide my assistance and help you sell your house with maximum profit. Or, if you want to save on commissions and sell your house by yourself, I can provide consulting services that would help you avoid unnecessary expenses and navigate through the most critical points of the selling process at the same time. My team can also help you with preparation of your house for sale including renovation, if needed.


I provide a full range of services to sellers. This includes preparation of property for sale, staging, producing promotional materials, including website, video and photo gallery, conducting advertising campaign, running open houses, etc. I offer competitive 1% commissions.


If you want to sell your house by yourself (and if you feel confident about that) I can offer my consulting services. This can include estimation of the market value of your house, making suggestions on how to improve your property and increase the value of your house, creating promotional materials, etc. The fee will depend on the amount of services that you request.


In many cases a house require some work before being sold. And sometimes an extensive renovation or even rebuilding is necessary in order to make to most profit of the sale. I can help with that as well, starting from inspection of the property and work assessment. I can also organize the renovation or rebuilding by hiring specialists that would do a quality job for an affordable price.

Helen Riabinin, Broker

As a real estate specialist I offer my clients unique services, such as helping Canadians with buying properties abroad and providing assistance to foreigners in buying properties in Canada. I also specialize in dealing with income-generating properties, including mini-hotels , B&B, resorts and hobby-farms. Another area of my expertise is renovation and rebuilding. Working in cooperation with lawyers, architects and contractors, I can help my clients with obtaining all necessary permits, preparing a project and building/rebuilding their house.